Module concrete plants



It is designed, manufactured and assembled according to the EC technological requirements.
"TECHNOMIX" provides fast access to the working ground, assembling and commissioning.

Mixing container OMG P1000 P1500 P2000
Maximum theoretical capacity output 60m3/h 75m3/h 90m3/h
Maximum charge of the mixer 2400 kg 3600 kg 4800 kg
Output capacity 1 m3 1,5 m3 2 m3
Binding substance (cement) dosimeter/kg 500 kg 700 kg 900 kg
Placificators dosimeter 20 kg 20 kg 40 kg
Water dosimeter/kg 250 kg 500 kg 500 kg
Linear bunker battery (store) additive material 100 m3 100 m3 100 m3
Silo for the Binding substance (cement), fixed 100 t 100 t 100 t
The concrete mixing plant consists of three main units:

I. Mixing unit
The concrete mixing unit can be loaded with aggregates either through the charging unit
or through a parallel ramp charging.

II. Charging unit
Receiving bunker charged by a front charger
(with option to be charged by dumpers)
Capacity10 m3 ;
Vibrator facilitating the material draining away
   - type MVE 500/3, 10.27 kgcm, 0.50 kw
Charging band conveyor
   - motor reducer drive
   - type TA 50-55 DA
   - electrical value 15 Kw
Base of the charging unit, a semi-trail with 1 axis
A chassis, made of UPN 260

III. Operative unit, consisting of:
1. Control cabin
   - insulation - thermal insulation panels (sandwich)
   - air conditioning
2. Control panel with power and operative unit and operative option in modes:
   - manual (service) mode
   - semi-automated mode
   - automated mode
3. Automation

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