Planetary mixers

The machine is specially designed for mixing materials of various types, both in terms of their physical and chemical properties (substances which may be used are detailed below).

Given to the specific nature of the machine, it is cannot be used for other purposes, nor can the manufacturer envision utilization modes, letter C of 89/392 CEE.


This machine is suitable for mixing:
Materials: Powdered or granular aggregates
Particle size: Maximum particle size blade and for mixers with shovel-shaped blades to 70 mm, with a maximum quantity of 10% of the total.
Special applications: To handle oxides, a version with a stainless-steel lining must be used.
A Polygirs-lined version must be used for particularly sticky aggregates. If liquids must be added, (water, additives, etc.), a tilting-type loading skip is used.

The planetary mixers produced by OMG are manufactured in the following sizes:
P50, P100, P250, P375, P500, P750, P1000, P1500, P2000.
The designation indicates the vibrated concrete per cycle or batch in liters. The OMG and OMG Planetary Mixing machine solves all mixing problems for concrete, ceramics, paving blocks, glassworks, foundries, chemical plants and refractory materials, etc. OMG Planetary Mixers are most suitable for any type of concrete mixing equipment. We are at your entire disposal for any further technical information you may require.

Restrictions of use

The machine is not suitable for mixing:
Aggregates with particle size over 60-70mm amounting to more than 10% of all aggregates. Clay with a humidy level of 15% (and eventually over) can only be mixed by a specific crusher with blades for clay.

Since the aggregate hoisting unit (when furnished) has been designed for loading materials with a maximum specific weight of 2000 Kg per cubic meter, the operator is required to reduce the load volume in proportion to the difference in specific weight per cubic meter.

Example: Model P1000 - allowable load by weight - 2000 Kg for a specific weight of 2000 Kg/cubic meter. For materials with a specific weight of 3000 Kg per cubic meter, the same skip must be loaded with only about 670 liters, even if in terms of volume, it can contain a larger quantity that is equivalent to 2000 Kg in weight.

The allowable load by weight is 990 Kg for the skip of a mixer P500.

MODEL P50 P100 P250 P375
*Load capacity (S.W. 2400 кг/м3) 75 150 375 560
*Production capacity (unvibrated)
(S.W. 2400 кг/м3)
60 120 300 450
*Production capacity (vibrated)
(S.W. 2400 кг/м3)
50 100 250 375
Max. load capacity 120 240 600 900
MODEL P500 RS P500 P750 P1000
*Load capacity (S.W. 2400 кг/м3) 630 750 1125 1500
*Production capacity (unvibrated)
(S.W. 2400 кг/м3)
500 600 900 1200
*Production capacity (vibrated)
(S.W. 2400 кг/м3)
420 500 750 1000
Max. load capacity 1000 1200 1800 2400
MODEL P1000TN P1500 P1500TN P2000
*Load capacity (S.W. 2400 кг/м3) 1500 2250 2250 3000
*Production capacity (unvibrated)
(S.W. 2400 кг/м3)
1200 1800 1800 2400
*Production capacity (vibrated)
(S.W. 2400 кг/м3)
1000 1500 1500 2000
Max. load capacity 2400 3600 3600 4800
* Load capacities in Lts. vary according to specific weight for cm. of the material being used.

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