Type MAXAIR 24

Principle of working

The MAXAIR 24 venting filter is a device permitting

to the dusty air, to pass through the cartridges composed of filtering media able to keep the particles of powder.

The dusty air moves from inside the silo passthrough the cartridges and comes out cleaned.

The powder trapped in the cartridges reverts in the silo.

The cartridges are cleaned by a system of counter-current air jet.

The filtering media is 100% polyester, tested in a laboratory of analysis, which have certified it’s characteristics of permeability to the air and it is on this basis that the filter depends.

For the examination was used quartz powder with a concentration of 3,5 g/m3

Tested material polyester 100%
Weight 200 g/m2
B.I.A. classification U.S.G.
Dust concentration on entrance 3-5 g/m3
Dust concentration on exit < 20 mg/m3
Permeability to the air, pressure of 2000 Pa 700 m3/m2
Medium value of penetration 0,10 %
Efficiency 99,9 %
  Temperature of exercise 80° C
Specific load 72 m3/m2h

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